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Business Partner

BIG Opportunity

The Business Partner channel truly offers a win-win partnership for entrepreneurs. A Sub-Broker acts as a business catalyst by identifying, developing and nurturing relationships with clients in partnership with DP TradeKING.

India’s GDP growth is expected to outpace most large Emerging Markets; This should augur well for continued uptick in disposable income and savings because historically, periods of GDP growth helped boost gross savings and financial savings levels; Also, savings rate rose faster during periods of high GDP growth And difference between inflation and personal income growth impacts the ability to save; Such periods coincided with an increase in allocation towards Equities Thus, given that only around 1% of current population invests in Equities, there is tremendous growth opportunity along-with the Savings growth. The increased number of people investing through SIPs is a case in point. Another point to ponder is that Broking Business generated revenues of 6300 odd crore FY13 and this number is 8000 crore for FY15 and growing. That shows the potential in this business for people who actively seek to participate in it. 'YOU too can grow BIG'.

Become our business partner (Sub Broker/Authorized Person) in just 15 days* with full training & attractive sharing.

Benefits of join with DP TradeKING

  • A Trusted name Since last Two Decades
  • Realistic Brokerage Charges
  • Best Analyst Team
  • Personalized Advice for your Portfolio.
  • Experienced Team of professionals
  • Real Value for your Money
  • Varied services under one roof
  • Special Desk for NRIs
  • Techno savvy organization
  • Single Client code for multiple segments

Value Proposition

  • Sub-Brokers / Authorised Person acts as a business catalyst for DP TradeKING
  • Acquire, develop & nurture clients
  • Sub-Brokers / Authorised Person to register clients with DP TradeKING
  • All products/services/features of DP TradeKING made available to clients through SB.
  • Client places all orders / transactions through Sub-Brokers / Authorised Person on Neat
  • on Web (NoW) platform.
  • All settlement risk owned by DP TradeKING
  • Sub-Brokers / Authorised Person need not maintain any back-office

State of Art Operations & Risk Management System


  • Centralized Operations backed by strong systems and limited manual interventions and knowledgeable Team.
  • The Existing system setup is capable of handling 3DX performance.
  • Most of the non-core operations like TIN-FC, Aadhaar and many others are outsourced into shared services to bring in operational efficiency.
  • Minimum time to activate Demat & Trading Account - 3 Hour

Risk Management

  • Strong Risk Management team operated from HO with strong local market understanding and client relationship.
  • Backed by a strong technology platform which allows real time monitoring and dash boarding of clients positions.
  • Working on 5X & 10X principal to manage risk cycles of market volatility without being affected.
  • Strong credit analysis and customer rating systems.

Customer Service

  • Customer Delight is always motto of Team DPTK by providing personalize service be expert team of professionals.
  • State of the art technology systems and process in place to support customer service team and built strong customer satisfaction.
  • Providing Tailor-made solutions according to need and future goal of customers to make their future secure and prosperous.

Business Models

Our approach towards our Business Partner is that of them being an extension of our Brand and an extension of our family. All that we seek from our Business Partners is unrelenting passion for Growth. The hunger for scaling up. The core spirit of Entrepreneurship. Every other business enabler like Solid Brand, Solid Research, Solid Products, Solid Technology, Solid Support is provided by us to help you grow. Following are our different business models made to suit your individual need.

Entrepreneurs who think they have a dream to grow big and have the passion and the capability to pursue the journey towards their dream. But they may not be aware of the opportunities and challenges that lie on their journey ahead. Journeys need guide maps. Goals need directions. So, Partner with us and master the path to Grow Big. Entrepreneurs who can set up their own office space and staff to cater to a larger set of clients and wishing to expand.

Those who dream of starting their own business and upgrade themselves to a rewarding new career where you are your own boss. A career where you can dream big. Upgrade from Employee Class to Business Class.

Entrepreneurs wanting to set up their business at no capital cost and largely work independently.

Those who would like to collaborate with us to cater to a wider range of clients and partake in the revenue pie of the complete financial intermediary on opportunity

Looking for a first-Class Business Partner

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