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Trading Account

What is Trading Account?

Trading account provides an online platform to an individual to buy and sell securities/derivatives/Bonds/ETFs.

For conducting online transactions in stock market, traders have to get themselves register with stock-exchange. For this purpose, Traders can open account with Brokers or Financial institutions who trade on their behalf in the stock market. This account contains the list of all the investments of a particular investor. We DP TradeKING is providing Fastest Ever Online Trading Platform of NSE called NoW (Neat On Web) which is directly connected to NSE’s Server.

Why to Open a Trading Account?

Since 2000, after the stock markets became electronic, it is essential to open the trading account with a stock broker or a financial institution to invest in the stock market. It is only the medium through which the user can buy or sell shares. So for simple and seamless trading through exchange, the users can place buy or sell orders to broking firms though online or phone.

How does Online Trading Account Works?

An online Trading Account consists of a Trading account and a Demat account. Just like a bank account is used to store our funds, in the same way, Demat account is used to store dematerialized shares. A trading account helps us in connecting with the exchange for the trading of securities online. In order to trade with the trading account, a customer has to transfer funds from the bank account to broker’s account to purchase of shares, post which he can use these funds to buy and sell securities online through the exchange. Usually, there are other products in which he can trade online such us Derivatives, IPOs and Mutual Funds. Through Trading account customer can purchase Mutual Funds Online, can participate in IPO and invest in derivatives.

For trading in stock market through a trading account, a set of guidelines need to be complied for.

Following are the documents which are required for opening a trading account:

  • PAN Card
  • Identity Proof
  • Proof of Residence
  • Photograph
  • For Trading in Capital Market, the customer needs to provide Bank Statement/Passbook of last 3 Months and for Trading in Futures and Option, the customer needs Income Proof (6 months Bank Statement).

How to Open a Trading Account with DP TradeKING?

There are two ways for opening a Trading Account with DP TradeKING Online

  • Click here to open your very own online trading account
  • Alternatively, you can also call us on 02692 247502 from 9:15 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Further, you can also mail us on kyc@dptradeking.com

Benefits of Opening an Online Trading Account with DP TradeKING

  • Enjoy Zero* Account Opening charges
  • Powerful Research and next-gen analytical tools
  • Convenient trading options through Web, Mobile application and Phone

* No Documentation Charge

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