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Portfolio Valuation

Summary of CAGR on current investments with allocations by various fund, category, holding, sectors.

Portfolio with XIRR

Summary of realized and unrealized gains since inception or for a given period of time.

Portfolio Screener

View your current portfolio and filter by various parameters to extract insights.

All transaction types

Purchase, SIP, Switch, Redemption.

Comprehensive Portfolio

Customize a comprehensive portfolio report with sections as per requirement.

Redemptions Simulation

If you had not sold your investments, what would be the value today.

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Opening an account at WealthEVATOR is paperless, easy, and aimed at your convenience. Who doesn't like that?

Improve your personal financing

Get disciplined with your money by investing at the right places in the right amounts.

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Served with multiple resources including blogs, weekly newsletters, webinars and multiple resourceful strategies

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